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Welcome to the web site of the Church of Scotland Parish Church at Invergowrie.


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The village of Invergowrie is located to the west of the city of Dundee on the north bank of the River Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.

The parish minister is the Rev. Robert J. Ramsay.


The church building originally known as St Columba's Church was opened in 1909, and celebrated its centenary in 2009 with a series of events. Please see the Centenary 2009 button on the left for details.

Visitors, please sign our guest book or contact us by e-mail, if you wish. 

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Click on the buttons on the left for details of Invergowrie Parish as well as other information on the village, and more information on the adjacent city of Dundee and on Scotland generally. But a summary of village and parish history is as follows .......

A very brief history of the village is that from the early 1700s what is now know as the village of Invergowrie existed as four ancient farm hamlets, some evidence of which, still remains. The coming of the railway and many of the houses built from around 1880, together with the completion of the village school around that time, meant that the village started to take on the character it has today.

There are 4 church buildings in the area of the village of Invergowrie.

Invergowrie Parish Church, of which this is the web site, was opened in 1909, is one of only two churches in Invergowrie still in active use. It is a parish of the Church of Scotland (sometime referred to as "The Kirk") which follows the Presbyterian tradition of Christian worship.  

Invergowrie East Church was part of the Free Church of Scotland. It is no longer in use as a church but operates as the Bullionfield Recreation Hall for the village. This church has links with Longforgan - a village to the west of Invergowrie

All Souls' Church is the local church of the Scottish Episcopal Church and is in active use. For details see the All Souls' Church website.

Dargie Church, now in ruins, is a site of an ancient place of Christian worship and is associated with the old Celtic Church. One story is that it was founded by a priest named St Boniface around the year 715. 


Invergowrie Parish Church of Scotland is a Registered Charity, Registration Number SC009454.




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